ATM Penetration Testing

We perform security assessments on both Automated Teller MAchines (ATMs) and Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs), in order to ensure the ATM operating system the teller software, peripheral devices and network are secure from potential attackers.

To help solving and patching the discovered vulnerabilities we provide system hardening services, or offer collaboration to guide the development team to improve security.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) penetration tests are performed by our team to ensure that these assets of your financial institution are secure on both software and hardware level. We will check whether the teller machines are vulnerable for different kinds of well-known attacks, like ATM malware and black-box attacks.

Our methodology includes:

  • Physical security assessment on both the safe and the ATM cabinet
  • Network security assessment to ensure the ATM cannot be compromised remotely
  • Testing the hardening level of the operating system, to check who quickly a malware agent could dispense all the cash from the ATM
  • Providing hardening recommendations or collaborating with the development team to implement ATM security measures
  • On demand implementing the security measures ourselves

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