Clutch Awards Cyber Dacians As A Top Romanian B2B Company for 2021

Cybersecurity is an industry that requires constant vigilance. Companies always need to be aware of the newest trends and dangers in the online world. Cyber Dacians prides itself on always keeping abreast of these dangers for the welfare of our clients.

It is for this reason that we have been awarded as a Top B2B Company in Romania by Clutch for the year 2021.
For those who are unaware of their work, Clutch is an online B2B reviews and ratings platform. They use a unique verification process that allows them to filter out any false or disingenuous information that gets sent to their website and publish reviews like this:



Their annual list of top performing development firms are built on these reviews. The fact that we are able to receive one is a testament to both the quality of the services we provide and the faith that our clients put in our abilities. In fact, this is what our CEO had to say when we heard the news.
“We are thrilled to be the only Cybersecurity company in Romania, to be included by Clutch in the top-performing B2B service providers in Romania, for 2021.” Mihai Barloiu – CEO of Cyber Dacians.
We would like to thank all of our clients and partners who contributed to make this accolade a reality for us. This would literally be impossible without their input.

If you’re looking for reliable online protection, contact us today. We use the latest best practices to ensure that you and your business remain secure on the internet.