Mobile Penetration Testing

Let Cyber Dacians analyze your security posture and discover flaws and vulnerabilities in your app before others do!


  • Identify security vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the threat of a cyber attack
  • Offer a clear path to address the issues and fix the vulnerabilities
  • Comply with various regulatory bodies
  • Prove to your partners your strong security posture

The large amount of data mobile apps developed means they are targeted by criminals more often. Organizations are now increasingly using mobile apps and managing risks on these platforms is challenging. Our penetration testing led by our experienced security engineers dives into these issues, offering testing for back end web services, local on device security issues, and the API which connects them.

Our Process:

  • Scoping
  • Reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability enumeration and exploitation
  • Reporting

Cyber Dacians security engineers are skilled in conducting mobile penetration testing across Android, iOS and other operating systems. Our services are designed to identify and safely exploit security vulnerabilities in mobile applications. All our assessments are designed to pinpoint hidden security risks and provide necessary support in addressing them.

What you get:

  • High level executive report
  • Proofs of concept and detailed technical documentation which allows you to recreate the findings
  • Clear remediation advice for immediate improvement
  • Strategic recommendations for a long term defense boost

Each mobile testing is simulating multiple attack vectors and our attack strategy is customizable being able to include special scenarios, source code review and reverse engineering to the penetration testing. We integrate static and dynamic and interactive testing to target all the attack surfaces.

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