Network Penetration Testing

Give Cyber Dacians the opportunity to help you gain visibility in your organization’s infrastructure security and test the effectiveness of your security controls.

Robust infrastructures are fundamental for an organization. Organizations are investing in creating secure infrastructures, but the efficiency of the security controls must be regularly tested. Infrastructure penetration testing from Cyber Dacians helps you to strengthen the security of your assets and pinpoint vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your systems, giving you the capability to proactively address threats.

Our Process:

  • Scoping
  • Vulnerability enumeration and exploitation
  • Reporting

What you get:

  • High level executive report
  • Proofs of concept and detailed technical documentation which allows you to recreate the findings
  • Clear remediation advice for immediate improvement
  • Strategic recommendations for a long term defense boost

Our penetration tests are customized to your infrastructure offering an insider and outsider perspective of your environment.

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