Social Engineering/Phishing Testing

Cyber Dacians use persuasion to test your most vulnerable attack surface: your employees!

The weakest link in security infrastructures are usually people which can be manipulated by cybercriminals. Our cybersecurity engineers are testing the willingness of your employees to open phishing emails, click on links, download attachments or divulge valuable confidential information.

Discovering which persons in your organization are vulnerable and need awareness training will prove highly valuable in mitigating further risks that could generate a full scale cyberattack.


  • Open Source Intelligence – Data Gathering
  • Drafting attack strategy
  • Launching a phishing attempt
  • Gather results
  • Reporting

Our highly skilled social engineers are using Open Source Intelligence techniques to draft an attack strategy and after launching the attack data is gathered in a report presented to the client, where the strategy used is explained, statistics are used to present the human vulnerabilities and the data gathered is presented. Recommendations for short term and long term improvement are added, so the client is mitigating the risks successfully.

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