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Offensive Cybersecurity Designed to defend your

We help you to test the effectiveness of your security defenses and
build a secure infrastructure.


Our security product

Our offensive cyber security software helps you answer the most important questions regarding the security of your organization’s infrastructure. Stage One is a Breach and Attack Simulation Software with stealth capabilities, designed to enable organizations to realistically test the efficiency of their security infrastructure against advanced attacks.

Stage One acts as a sophisticated intruder, moving laterally through enterprises, continuosly testing for weaknesses that could lead to a breach, allowing you to test and adjust your security strategy in order to mitigate the vulnerabilities. read more

Who we are?

A group of Offensive Cyber Security specialists proficient in Manual Penetration Testing and Red Teaming. We offer a wide perspective over the security of your infrastructure, finding gaps before an attacker does, helping to fix them, allowing you to realistically build resilience and impenetrable defensive capabilities

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